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Terri Nicole

want this now pls. 


i hope you dont mind when i,

  • wrap my legs around yours
  • lay my head above your heart
  • run my hands through your hair
  • play footsie with you
  • put my hand on your tummy
  • play with your hands
  • give you fishy kisses
  • talk about my day
  • sing you a song
  • fall asleep in your arms

this is so cuteeee.

I'm Terri Nicole, I'm 16 and I live in Wales. reading, long walks, music, floral, fairy lights, forehead kisses, intimate moments, alone time, baths, candles, secrets. tight hugs, playing with my hair, love, jamie, friends, family, trust. jamie, is definitely the most important thing in my life. Three years of the most rewarding hard work and happiness, and the amount i love him is unbelievable. It's safe to say he is the best, and is definitely my bestfriend <3

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